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Some Amazing Facts about Chris Bell

The next election to the United States Senate is fast approaching, and lots of new candidates are already preparing for their future campaigns. Just some quick facts about the US Congress is that it is divided into two chambers, wherein the lower chamber is the House of the Representatives, while the upper chamber is the Senate. As we all know, the country of America is basically composed of fifty states, and each state will be represented by two elected senators. The individual who wanted to run for a senate position should attain the age of thirty and should be a citizen of America for nine years and more. Some of the primary responsibilities of the senators aside from making laws include confirming federal government officials, approving presidential appointments, and agreeing to treaties or ratifies treaties.

There are absolutely a lot of people who wish to be part of the US Senate, and one of the most reliable, trusted, and worthy of the said position is the Texan native named Chris Bell. This particular candidate knows that the country of America, as well as, the state of Texas is experiencing more and more challenges in today’s time. The people of America are also experiencing division, and he wanted to change that for his primary purpose in running for the senate is to unite the people, especially the whole community of Texas. Chris Bell definitely deserves a seat in the US Senate, for he has already proven his ability as a good public servant when he was still a US congressman and a council member in the city of Houston. He wants to spread more of his abilities and his good intentions for the people, which is why he wanted to become a senator that can represent the state of Texas. He is also a loving husband to his wife and a doting father to his two kids, and he is also an attorney. Some of his missions and purposes for running are to take immediate measure against gun violence, to fight corruption, to lower the costs of health care, to stand up for what is right for the people, to spread awareness about the man-made climate change, to expand the people’s job opportunity, and to promote an act for LGBTQ+ equality and to Defeat John Cornyn. A lot of people really believe in Chris Bell’s ability as a senator, which is why they have created a web page to promote him and his good intentions for the upcoming Texas Senate Race.